How to make a bill draft?

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How to make a bill draft?

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:34 pm

Pleas do not edit this topic.

The bill draft section of the forum is for the purpose of making drafts for your bill. Let me state the rules of this subforum.

1. Follow the Roleplay Constitution

Article 1 of the Roleplay Constitution claims that Malivia has a uniform format for all bills passed by parties. This is strictly implemented.

2. Type [DRAFT] before your bill title.

It is important to identify if the topic is a bill draft. Some other topics are submitted by the Admin. It is for identification if the topic is a bill draft.

3. All draft bills have time limits.

Each draft bill submitted has a life time of 14 days. His is to prevent the "overflowing of topics".

I hope you may find these rules helpful in making your draft bills.


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